رد کردن لینک ها

Twenty-second anniversary of the establishment of The Plastic Company

It was 1998 that we started in Shahroud with three groups of goods: packaging, tablecloth and cutlery. All your efforts were and are to increase the quality and satisfaction of Iranian customers and exports to other countries. We did not stop and added the thin-walled containers to our product which could be used in the microwave, increase the shelf life of food and have better resistance to packaging.

In 1393,we have added IML containers with the ability of have print labels directly to our products.

we have Obtained a certificate of observance of consumer rights in 1391 and 1695 as well as caught the CE, 14001, 22000, 18000 and 9001 certifications, which were related to consumer rights and improving the quality of our products.

Now we are on the launching our fourth production unit in Semnan province, which has a capacity of over 200 production lines.

At the same time, we are committed to the protection of natural resources and the environment, and we believe that plastic cannot be removed from human life. Therefore, we try to take an effective step in protecting the environment by using this material properly and helping to recycle it.

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